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Julio Galan Artist

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 Julio Galan Artist is a Spanish sculptor with more than 25 years of experience in the world of design. Specialized in monumental sculpture and creation of exclusive pieces using iron, corten steel and bronze as the main raw materials. Each piece is unique, due to they all come from a rigorous handmade process. One of his most notable achivements is having shared space with Andy Warhol during the "Andy Warhol 30th Anniversary" exhibition organized by the Art Wanson Group at the Marbella Club Hotel. Among its most important collections are the sculptural group "Alegoría", made up of five pieces of equestrian themes. Made exclusively for Art Wanson Gallery (one of the most reputable art galleries in the world). Julio works exclusively for wineries and private companies creating incredible pieces for their installations.

1984- Course of studies of Fine Arts in Valladolid.

1986- He studied and worked in various painting workshops in Madrid and Seville

From 1987 to 1988- He made cartographic reproductions for different institutions. Hispano Arab Institute of Culture, Ediciones el Viso.

1987- He taught different photography courses for the City Council of Valladolid.

1988- Author's poster and folding designer of the city of Seville in the GEO Magazine (cartographic reproduction)

1990 to 1996- He created "Ultimo Diseño", graphic design studio in Valladolid

1991- Coordinator of the book Nocturnes en Castilla y León (ISBN 84-7846-119-1)

1996- Sole Administrator and promoter of Vinilart S.l. Company dedicated to the design and manufacture of decoration elements. (It was a pioneer in trompe l'oeil adhesive for decoration). Marketing in several countries of the European Union.

1996- Director and designer advertising programs on exhibitions of Vinilart SL in Valladolid, Madrid and Paris.

2014- Created the brand "Aferrarte" with the aim of marketing and promoting their works



1986- Photo exhibition, "Highlights Spring Collection" Simancas culture room.

1987- Exhibition of sketches in art room "Almirante Bonifaz" of Seville ".

1987- Collective photography exhibition, Caja España Exhibition Hall in León.

2015- Individual exhibition, Mento Exhibition Hall (Valladolid) Metal sculptures.

2015- Multidisciplinary collective exhibition, General Archive of Simancas.

2016- Individual  exhibition, Copaboca Exhibition Hall (Valladolid) "Functional Art,  Sculptures in metal".

2016-  Multidisciplinary collective exhibition, Wine Museum, Castillo de Peñafiel.

2016- Multidisciplinary collective exhibition, Museum of San Francisco Medina de Rioseco.

2017- Individual exhibition, Wine Museum, Peñafiel Castle (100 years of National Monument). From January to April 16.

2017- Individual exhibition, Bodega Dehesa de los Canónigos.

2017- Collective Exhibition "Conjunto Alegoría", Art Wanson Gallery (Marbella Club Hotel)

NEWS: 2016-  Collective exhibition at the peñafiel wine museum (Link:
NEWS: 2016- The "Diputacion de Valladolid" acquires Julio Galán's sculpture "Evolucion" for the Provincial Wine Museum (Link:
NEWS: 2017- Julio Galan Artist exposes the sculptural ensemble "Alegoria" in Art Wanson Gallery (Link:
NEWS: 2017- Julio Galan designs the trophies for the first edition of "Ribera Run Race" (Link: )
PRESS: 2018- Julio Galan Artist creates a sculpture that honors the men and women of the wine world (Links: